Birdshot Patient Day 2010

“It was so great to finally meet and talk to others who are asking the same questions as me. I can now say that I don’t feel so alone and the day has made me feel more positive for the future.” Patient feedback.

To get an idea of the day, watch the 5-minute summary video.

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The objectives of this inaugural Birdshot Patient Day

  1. To reduce sense of isolation of patients with this rare disease,
  2. To raise the profile of the disease,
  3. To allow a two-way exchange of information between patients and professionals,
  4. To improve visual outcome of patients,
  5. To provide a platform for research.
Participants of the Birdshot Patient Day 2010
Participants of the Birdshot Patient Day 2010

We hope to extend our success in this area by providing an environment in which a two-way learning process can flourish between patients and healthcare professionals; a setting in which both groups can feel supported, respected and understood.

Birdshot Day 2012

The next Birdshot Patient Day is being planned for 3rd March 2012. Information about the event and registration details will be available via the Birdshot Uveitis Society’s website,


"Our aim is for the patient to be at the heart of our research and involved in the design, conduct and evaluation of our projects."

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